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My mistress seamstress stretches skin across the spindles of her womb. She darns the wounds of loneliness with spools of thick black thread. Now hidden in a darkened paradise, embroiled with Death’s perfume, I fear my mistress seamstress, so tired … Continue reading

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VIRGINS ARE … by Anahita Ayasoufi

Virgins are delicate Virgins are apt for gods. The song kept repeating in the virgin’s blossom-decorated, if blind-folded, head, even after the accompanying party stopped singing it and left her by herself in the maze. No, she was not by … Continue reading

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Grab a copy of Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 3 issue 1 for January 2014) which contains my short story “Going Viral (Pop Culture Apocalypse).  “Going Viral (Pop Culture Apocalypse)” by Bosley Gravel: After the zombie plague, late-night television looks a little different, … Continue reading

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Reprint Audio: Particular Tastes (Well Told Tales)

Love, sex and death, just not in that order.  (A beauty school dropout turned mortician assistant meets the corpse of her dreams)

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ASK SOPHY by Pansophy Illucidae

Dear Sophy, Some time ago, I was with some friends and we decided to dabble in a little conjuring and spell-casting. It was pretty harmless stuff – you know, Grimoire of Armadel, Triangle of Solomon, daggers with demons carved into … Continue reading

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DESIRÉE by Ken Goldman

Desirée by Ken Goldman eBook ISBN: 9781615721238 Available at The Damnation Books web site Print ISBN: 9781615721245 Print and Kindle format available at Amazon.com Price: Download Price:  $1.50* Kindle Price :      $4.50 Print Price :        … Continue reading

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THE ARREST by D. Harlan Wilson

A man said, “You are under arrest.” Another man said, “No. You are under arrest.” “No,” said the first man. “It’s the other way around. You are the one who is under arrest.” “I’m not under arrest,” said the second … Continue reading

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