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The Ripcot Fiction Factory

A new service from Ripcot Consulting … need help with a short fiction, have a look here: THE FICTION FACTORY 

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  * * * Kafei Arouma happens to be madly in love with Ana, who is his muse and his world.  He is an artist, a poet, a writer, a musician, and most of all a painter.  Kafei Arouma likes long … Continue reading

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An Interview with Irene Thompson, author of THE A-Z of PUNISHMENT AND TORTURE

It is a difficult task to conveniently, or comfortably, arrange a catalogue of cruelty to document the full extent of man’s inhumanity to man … The A-Z of Punishment and Torture is available as an e-book where ever fine e-books are … Continue reading

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Americana: The Last Gleaming

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THE FABULIST, VOL. 2 Fables, Yarns & Diverse Tales edited by Josh Wilson

by Josh Wilson, editor $10.00 Softcover A little b&w art 128 pages ISBN-10: 0615408117 ISBN-13: 9780615408118 Publisher: Pharos Publications Is it science fiction, fantasy, or some new, far-out flavor? The Fabulist Vol. 2 is a platter of post-genre prose and … Continue reading

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DESIRÉE by Ken Goldman

Desirée by Ken Goldman eBook ISBN: 9781615721238 Available at The Damnation Books web site Print ISBN: 9781615721245 Print and Kindle format available at Amazon.com Price: Download Price:  $1.50* Kindle Price :      $4.50 Print Price :        … Continue reading

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YOU HAD ME AT ARRGH!! by Ken Goldman

You Had Me At ARRGH!! by Ken Goldman Publisher: Sam’s Dot Publishing Available online at The Genre Mall Ken Goldman’s collection of short stories about ghosts, sex, murder, revenge, and sex, You Had Me At ARRGH!!, is a perfect-bound trade paperback, … Continue reading

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