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THE BATHROOM by Alice Winsbury

Below your feet and below the pavement run the sewers. A putrid place filled with the rotting smell of human waste that runs in rivers of black. It is an unimaginable scene where no sane human would seek refuge. However, … Continue reading

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THE MATRIARCH by Michael Aronovitz

I ain’t scared, asshole. It’s not like I ain’t changed a tire before, right? It’s just that the bulb light is shot and I got so much shit in the trunk I can’t find the jack. The cold rain is … Continue reading

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RED RIDING HOOD by Anahita Ayasoufi

Red let her crimson hood slip back, just enough to show off her curls, the curls that she had arranged with care, as she was told to do, because she had matured, and because grandma had a prince—the haunter prince … Continue reading

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THE WOLF by Anahita Ayasoufi

I was walking in the rain when I saw the wolf. It was standing still at the edge of the woods, eyes sparkling in the dusk. I always thought wolves were like dogs, just larger, and I fear dogs, so … Continue reading

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IMPULSE by Sine Nomine

At dark they come. He hears them in the dark, feels their fingers brush at his mind — the barest of touches — and they hurt.  They bring pain, they want To Be so much. Some probe, metal-like and cold, … Continue reading

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