Q: Who is Bosley Gravel?
A: Bosley Gravel is a hack author that has written a few books, and contributed to many for-the-love-of markets over the past five years.

Q: Are you every going to pay your contributors?
A: It’s possible.  While the satisfaction of writing is enough for me (BG), I realize many new authors are greatly encouraged by even token payments.  And really, that’s what this site is about, encouraging author to produce their best efforts. Right now we are still establishing quality and publication frequencies.  Our payment rate will be based on those factors. Update: We do pay, from time to time, no more than $5 for a cover story

We will match donations (to a reasonable amount) to make this happen.  Why not donate?

Q: I found a typo, or hideously abused language in a story you posted! What gives?
A: Ooops, sorry about that.  Contact me and we’ll fix it, or tell you why we left it that way.

Q: I wrote (or would like to propose) an interview, review, serial or excerpt. Would you consider running it?
A: If it is under 1k words, relevant and well executed, sure.  In general, this type of material is invited, but we’ll never turn down a well written and engaging submission.

Q: Will you review my story collection?
A: Possibly. Send your request to the submission address.  It should be relevant to our themes and have a release date set.  Self-published is fine as long as it is well executed and polished.

Q: I don’t see copyright notices on your stories. What gives, buddy?!
A: If you wrote the story, you own the copyright. Implicitly, the copyright is owned by the the attributed author, .i.e., the byline.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense to clutter up the page with legal notices that are only significant in an American court of law.  Nevertheless, copyright notices will be added on demand to your story.

Q: I see press releases for novels or short story collections.  Will you post mine?
A: We are happy to post press releases for contributing authors, both past and present.  Press releases are not sticky, however, and will appear below the featured story.

Q: Any tips for submitters?
A: Sure. Have a look here and here.

Q: My comment did not show up! Censorship!
A: All comments are moderated by a human.  If your comment was rude, incoherent or spam, it will probably not make it past said human.  Sorry, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Q: Is Bosley Gravel’s “Cavalcade of Terror” associated with Anthony Giangregorio’s Anthology?
A: Nope, absolutely not. Looks like a train wreck to me [BG]. I chose ‘… Terror” instead of ‘… Horror’ to avoid clashing with an existing entity. It would be nice if others would do the same. The Dreadful Little Press received ISSN# 2158-1258 10/28/2010 for “The Cavalcade of Terror” imprint. So, in short, it sucks, but what’s a white boy going to do?


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