A Word on Rights

First, let me say this: by publishing your fiction in “The Cavalcade of Terror” you are giving up what is called “First Electronic Publishing Rights“. I urge you to research exactly what this means. One negative possibility is that your fiction will lose potential value since it can only be sold as some form of reprint.  There are a great number of pro, semi-pro, and even for-the-love-of markets that will not take reprints. Please make sure “The Cavalcade of Terror” is your first choice before you submit a story to us.  I don’t want this limitation to be a surprise to you after publication.

With that being said, publishing is changing, perhaps for the better, perhaps for the worse, it depends on who you talk to. One thing is for sure it is that it will never be the same. Stuff like print on demand, self-publishing, Smashwords, e-books, and the Creative Commons, are slowing nibbling away at Big Publishing’s very large and tasty pie.  That is not to say Big Publishing will ever go away, and that’s great. I think we still need (and want) them, at least for the foreseeable future.

Now comes the part where misquote Cory Doctrow, quoting Seth Godin:

“The enemy of an author is … obscurity.”

The real value of submitting and publishing to a market like “The Cavalcade of Terror” is the exposure.  Much like a demo tape, a charcoal sketch, or the skeevy guy playing a guitar outside the coffee shop, you are giving the world a free sample of what you can do.  This is why we seek short, interesting pieces that highlight an author’s unique skills.

“The Cavalcade of Terror” does have plans to pay authors at some point in time. [UPDATE: we pay $5 a cover story]  But, I must stress we will forever remain a for-the-love-of market.   We will always welcome new authors, and experienced authors  who would like a playground for experimental work — and everything in between these poles.

I’m an author myself, I’ve contributed fiction to a number of for-the-love markets. I’ve even sold stories for cash money after they’ve appeared in for-the-love-of markets (podcasts and anthologies are great targets for this). Now, as I slowly make my way into the world of full length novels, and novellas, I look back on all the great people I’ve met and stories I’ve read and written, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Publishing in for-the-love-of markets assists networking, builds confidence, and gives a home to some fun material that may not otherwise see the light of day.

It’s your story, make sure you stay in control by understanding your intellectual property rights, and what you are giving, and what you are gaining by publishing in for-the-love-of markets.

Bosley Gravel, 2010

The submission email address is bosley #dot# gravel #at# gmail #dot# com.

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