Dark Mind Anthology Vol. 1 by Wilbur Ochiltree

Contributor and prolific master of the flash horror, Wilbur Ochiltree has a new anthology up.  Please show him some love!

This is volume 1 of an anthology of horror flash fiction and short stories that I have written over the last year. Some of them center on a broken mind and the depth of darkness glimpsed within. Others explore supernatural forces…sometimes revealing themselves in common every day activities that are part of our day to day routine. I hope you enjoy the collection and find a favorite. I will begin work on volume 2 soon. These stories are meant for ages 17+.

This volume contains 18 stories. What follows is a brief summary of each without giving to much away:

What Goes Around is about a mysterious girl and a terrified boy.

The First Kiss is about a young girl and her boyfriend.

Do Monsters Wear Designer Jeans begins with a young woman reading a horror magazine sitting on her toilet.

Cry Baby Bridge is inspired by a local urban legend. A tale of ghosts and a dangerous game.

A Broken Promise is a western story about a man who escapes from Hell to fulfill a promise that he made to the woman he loved.

Expectant Mom is a supernatural tale of demonic powers and evil intent and the life changing choices that are forced upon us at times.

Fragile Sanity follows a shattered mind with a deadly intent in the dark of the night.

It Lives With You is a supernatural tale. It shows size means nothing when it comes to evil.

Karma And The Wife is a twist of ironic fate that comes unexpected, but perhaps not entirely unwelcome.

Out For Dinner is about a young woman and her desire to be taken out for dinner.

Taking Out The Trash is a supernatural tale that is tied in with ‘It Lives With You’. Taking out the trash can be all but routine if one isn’t to careful.

The Doll is a supernatural tale of horror that can cause repressed memories, and what can happen when the memories return.

The Glove is about a broken mind and the torment and grief it leaves in its wake. It also shows the vulnerability of the homeless.

The Hood is a tale of greed that goes both ways.

The Porch is a supernatural tale of terror in a small mill village. Be careful when your car breaks down and the first thing you hear in your head is banjo music.

The Train is a tragic ghost story.

The Unexpected is a supernatural story about demonic power and the plight of one young woman.

Under The House is a story about playing doctor under the house and what could lurk in the darkness.


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