Out for Dinner by Wilbur L. Ochiltree

She relaxed on her recliner, sipping her coffee.  What a dreary night.

She flipped through her magazine.  Will he call tonight?  He better; I want to go out for dinner.

Up from her porch a scrapping she did hear.  What was that?

She shivered.  Silly you; you watch too many horror movies.

The ceiling beams creaked and with a groan, they hushed.  It’s just this old house settling.

She glanced out and saw the shadows stirring.  How the night plays its tricks.

“Oh!” she squealed when that large hand came smashing through the window and grabbed her by her hair.  Splinters of glass flew through the air.  It yanked her right through that window and out into the cold winter’s night.

“We got meat tonight, boys,” it shouted and laughed holding her up and gave her a shake.  With wide eyes, she screamed, but only they heard.

“Do we have to eat her first, or can we have some fun before dinner?”  One of the little ones asked of the big one.  They all came close, leering at her.

She fainted.

She never woke up again.

Only a few gnawed bones marked her unmarked grave.


* * *

He was born at Donaldson Air Force Base in Greenville, SC. His father was a lifer in the Air force. At 17, he joined the Army. He spent half a lifetime overseas between Air force bases and Army posts. Left the Army in 1976 and went into land surveying and construction work. Rejoined the Army in the early ‘90’s to help with Desert Shield, but had a stroke during retraining and had to get a medical discharge. He has been a member of the VFW. Currently is considering membership in the American Legion. Has five children and two ex-wives. Lives with two dogs, which are more like kids. Has had two short fantasy stories published in the Judges Guild Journal back in the ‘80’s. He loves horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and suspense books and movies. Is a comic book fan from way back. Has always enjoyed reading, and even as a kid, always wanted to be a writer.

Out for Dinner by Wilbur L. Ochiltree, 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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