HAIR OF THE WOLF THAT BIT YOU by David Siegel Bernstein

Despite the haggard look on her face, the bartender was cute. She approached me with a relieved smile—I was the last customer.

After I ordered, she ran her fingers through her long auburn hair, shaking her head. “Virgin Lupy? What’s that?”

I smiled. “You’re not the only one who asks. I got hooked on it while traveling through Europe and now it’s my favorite drink.” I reached into my jacket pocket, pulled out an index card with a recipe and handed it over to her. “Here’s the recipe.”


She read it and frowned. “Is this a joke?”

I wasn’t sure how long we would be alone. I extended my index nail and slashed her throat. Now, where’s the vodka? I looked at the girl—she probably wasn’t a virgin. I sighed. It wasn’t easy getting top-shelf these days.


* * *

David Siegel Bernstein has been published in numerous print, podcast, and online magazines. He also serves on the board of directors for the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, leads the Words-in-Progress writers group, and contributes a monthly article to the Abandoned Towers Magazine Blog titled: Science for Fiction (S4F).

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HAIR OF THE WOLF THAT BIT YOU by David Siegel Bernstein, 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings


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