THE WOLF by Anahita Ayasoufi

I was walking in the rain when I saw the wolf. It was standing still at the edge of the woods, eyes sparkling in the dusk. I always thought wolves were like dogs, just larger, and I fear dogs, so that part was the same. I knew running would do me no good. My subconscious knew it too, since it froze my muscles—no running, even if I wanted to. I remembered someone had told me to squat if I saw a wolf, and gaze at it right in the eyes. I squatted, my galoshes squelching in the mud. Something awakened in me, a feeling engraved in my soul for eternity. The corner of the wolf’s eyes pointed down—a sad looking wolf it was, and dripping too, fur drenched. And in its eyes I saw a fierce predator ready to leap on prey, a carnivore, a merciless breed, me.


* * *

Anahita Ayasoufi teaches at East Tennessee State University and took Jeanne Cavelos’s Odyssey OnlineCourse Three-act Structure in Fantastic Fiction in January.

THE WOLF by Anahita Ayasoufi, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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4 Responses to THE WOLF by Anahita Ayasoufi

  1. avatar Narges says:

    I am deeply moved by this nice story..
    Thank you Anahita Ayasoufi

  2. avatar kshitij says:

    really nice story Dr. Anahita. hope to read many more

  3. avatar Robin says:

    Very strong story. I feel like it is about myself…somehow. I hope to see more of you work.

  4. avatar corlis says:

    She’s a good teacher, too.

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