Corrupted Network

(o thy erudite beams
the security of rhythm
for each dissolute core)

by the ugly light of the dawn’s schism
your paralytic dithyrambs are caustic firebrands
heralding the new day, a prologue,
by means of introduction
the draw of the ovum and the truculent
stamen, yes, these corrupted networks
fizzing through our wires

I am lost in self loathing
the gibbet planes my shoulders
cracking each knuckle
serpent helix noosed round my neck
I am counting each flicker of failure

I am hundreds of years,
millions of souls, shredded
by each gestalt
leaves cast off the tree

motherless, fatherless, but un-free
plugged into a machine
part of a machine

un-fuckable, unlovable
my insanity; unquenchable
to exercise these schizoid wants
in pixelated realms,
emotion livid in the blood
impotent as a stagnant pool


open up the skull, tease out
the pain, I always knew
it, this age was not
mine, these legs, these arms,
this cock, this mind
none belonged to me.

Corrupted Network’s music was composed  and performed by English musician LLOM, lyrics and performed by David Migman.

3c516e_edd29eb30e82452e9c16ce9d7ba3e792David Migman is a writer and artist whose art and writing has appeared in a number of online zines. His book The Wolf Stepped Out was published by Doghorn Publishing, but he has decided to put it out there himself, while the publisher is on hiatus.

He also maintains a busy Soundcloud page and has worked with many musicians around the globe to create atmospheric spoken word pieces. These take the form of both poems and stories.


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