WINDY by Harris Tobias

The wind is shaking down the trees
It is a mugging plain and simple
The outraged trees wave wildly for help
But no one comes to aid them
On the ground the leaves fly in circles
Like Keystone cops
Not knowing where to run
The wind drives them
First one way then another
Just for fun
The ground is littered with sticks
And branches
Dropped by the frightened trees
Like skinny kids yielding their
Lunch money to the school yard bully
The wind laughs at their temerity


Harris 2013Harris Tobias was raised by robots disguised as New Yorkers. Despite an awkward childhood he learned to read and write. To date Mr. Tobias has published two detective novels, The Greer Agency and A Felony of Birds, to critical acclaim. In addition he has published short stories in Down in the Dirt Magazine, Literal Translations, Electric Flash and Ray Gun Revival. He currently lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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