THE BATHROOM by Alice Winsbury

Below your feet and below the pavement run the sewers. A putrid place filled with the rotting smell of human waste that runs in rivers of black. It is an unimaginable scene where no sane human would seek refuge. However, the dark bending tunnels that connect a city together house by house prove to be an ultimate hunting ground for one creature.

The gargantuan body of the beast resembles no more than an oversized slug. A grey mass of pulsating flesh coated in a thick layer of slime that clings to the roof of the tunnels. It uses the passages to manoeuvre itself between the homes of the unsuspecting humans above. Its body can mutate, stretch and reform to create extensions of itself. Waiting beside an opening it will reach a probing finger of flesh deep into the pipe work and patiently wait, poised and ready to strike just behind the u-bend.

As your cheeks make contact with the cold surface of the toilet the monster will prepare for attack. At the end of the arm of flesh an opening will appear to reveal an unending tunnel of teeth. Row upon row of yellowing shards spiral inside of the cavity as it stretches closer and closer to you. You sit unknowing and vulnerable until it strikes.

In one swift movement the arm will plunge out from the depths and seal itself around your openings. Then, the creature will begin to suck. The more you fight against it the harder it will pull back, draining your body from the inside out. The being will suck until your entrails begin to slip from your body, ripping your innards out and down the tunnel to fill its gargantuan stomach. Harder and harder the beast will pull until your body is hollow. Once you are no more than the shell of a being it will suck one last time, collapsing your body into itself, pulling you down its throat.


Alice Winsbury has recently graduated from University of Bedfordshire where she is studied Creative Writing. Since a young age she has always housed a great passion for writing. Now in her twenties, she loves nothing more than to create blood chilling stories designed to both scare and repulse.

THE BATHROOM by Alice Winsbury, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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