Open for Submissions

We are once again open for general submissions.  Please note that we will not be taking submissions via Hey Publisher any longer.  Please use the submission address.  We will continue to run our virtual art show over 2014.

The Midsummer’s Night Theme contest is canceled with no winners as there were no submissions.  Bummer.

So back to basics … we will be patiently waiting for your best efforts.

Duotrope has chosen to delist CoT, and apparently they don’t care for my (BG) attitude. :p Most of CoT traffic for submissions is coming from elsewhere anyway, but please do spread the word.

We are always looking for podcaster for previously posted stories, mixed media, guest editors, and any crazy thing you can think of, we are NOT just limited to fiction, but bite sized doses of creativity.

On another note, The Ripcot Fiction Factory creative writing mentoring service is open for business.  Please keep in mind that stories work-shopped with this service are INELIGIBLE for publication here at CoT — as it is a clear conflict of interest.  (Also, the target length is exceeds what we wish to publish.)

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Bosley Gravel is a hack.
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