And now for something completely different …

Due to my lack of time for slush reading CoTs will be running a one woman virtual art show featuring the visual talents of Jeanne Eaville AKA Kali Jinn.  Jeanne and I were briefly married in the late 90s  producing the artistically prodigious  Kafei, who is an author, musician and a visual artist.

CoTs will return to its roots as I work through the mess of divorcing the second Mrs. Gravel. If I can get two volunteers to read slush/editors, I’ll start taking stories again and interweave them in the art show.  It’s a non-paying gig, but you’ll get credits on the masthead as participants, and subject to my final edits and approval, free in-post advertising or other usage of the magic CoTs stream which receives a whole five hits a day. :)  Best wishes to my friends in the Great Darkness.  I can be reached via the submission address if you have any questions or are interested in reading slush and/or editing said slush.

I always love getting to know the minds behind the horror, so don’t be shy in friending me on facebook and twitter.

Love to all,

Bosley Gravel, 2014


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