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If you have a story subbed, I intend to catch up this weekend. If you’ve had a story accepted, I hope to get the proofs over to you this weekend. It’s been hectic! I appreciate your patience.

UPDATE: Please think twice before you send anything into CoTs that has plot points based on killing, torturing, or otherwise harming another person due to anger or frustration. (Or stories featuring a protag dealing with the guilt of such an act.)  This is especially hard to pull off with female ‘victims’.  In general, it often seems inorganic to natural storytelling — plus, not all that interesting. 😀  Pretty please?

Update the Second: CoT can always use editors, podcasters, cover artists and  of course slush readers.  So consider donating your time or talent (or even both at once). 😀

— Bosley


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Bosley Gravel is a hack.
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