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SLIME GREEN GROCER by Mark Antony Rossi

These red goldfish candy are too hard on my teeth. I know why: the corner green grocer is a vampire. A soul-sucking psychopath devouring spare change aggressively borrowed from rich school kids. That monster has a lot of nerve. Do … Continue reading

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An empty house lived at the end of his street. Trees like claws stopped other kids, as if they grabbed ankles and wrists and hoods of sweatshirts. He found a way there by looking somewhere else, sidewalk-crack-sidewalk, then dead grass. … Continue reading

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Now You See Her … by Joseph J. Patchen

The foundation for horror entertainment, be it fiction or film has found inspiration in a variety of places. Be it historical events, or folktales and urban legends, or in the universe of paranormal research; horror entertainment at its root bears … Continue reading

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