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CLAWING MY WAY OUT by Jeanne Eaville

“Clawing My Way Out” 2012 8″ x 10 ” Sharpie / Marker .. This is about not suppressing myself to please others, it’s about the shy little curly haired girl that has a fierce beast inside.

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Introducing Jeanne Eaville

I always wanted to be a painter, then one day I decided I was. I believe every artist has a story to tell, for those who listen, wisdom and new perspective can be found.   2012 Was the Year I … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different …

Due to my lack of time for slush reading CoTs will be running a one woman virtual art show featuring the visual talents of Jeanne Eaville AKA Kali Jinn.  Jeanne and I were briefly married in the late 90s  producing … Continue reading

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RATTLEBONE by Bosley Gravel (Up at

Have a read: When Rattlebone moves, the clatter of what’s beneath her robes sounds like a grudging applause — grudging for all the wrong reasons. Cowled in knotted rags of silk, she smells faintly of oily kerosene and newly minted … Continue reading

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