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The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

  A misguided title, but a must see for writers and other creative types, although weakly directed, the content is often profound—Slavoj Žižek seems to be reading off a teleprompter and has a thick accent, so keep the subtitles on.  Clearly this … Continue reading

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Four Dreadful Little Tales of Horror Just in time for All Hollows’ Eve, Four Dreadful Little Tales of Horrors, in the style of Tales from the Crypt is a collection of full length short stories. It includes: Particular Tastes: Love, … Continue reading

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Grab a copy of Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 3 issue 1 for January 2014) which contains my short story “Going Viral (Pop Culture Apocalypse).  “Going Viral (Pop Culture Apocalypse)” by Bosley Gravel: After the zombie plague, late-night television looks a little different, … Continue reading

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MONSTER PARTY by Bosley Gravel

A brand new bizzaro short is up Festival of Writing.  A bizarre and heartfelt ode to the great American pop culture apocalypse. Monster Party I’m knuckle deep in a tranny named Angel Dust – no wings and no memories. Fappin’ … Continue reading

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The Ripcot Fiction Factory

A new service from Ripcot Consulting … need help with a short fiction, have a look here: THE FICTION FACTORY 

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Introducing Jeanne Eaville

I always wanted to be a painter, then one day I decided I was. I believe every artist has a story to tell, for those who listen, wisdom and new perspective can be found.   2012 Was the Year I … Continue reading

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RATTLEBONE by Bosley Gravel (Up at

Have a read: When Rattlebone moves, the clatter of what’s beneath her robes sounds like a grudging applause — grudging for all the wrong reasons. Cowled in knotted rags of silk, she smells faintly of oily kerosene and newly minted … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Theme — Contest 2013

The Cavalcade of Terror’s Midsummer Night’s Theme contest is open for submissions. Content: Submissions should be clearly inspired by Demonic Complexion or (and?) Alone and be set in the sweltering summer months while still being faithful to CoT’s usual content. … Continue reading

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  * * * Kafei Arouma happens to be madly in love with Ana, who is his muse and his world. He is an artist, a poet, a writer, a musician, and most of all a painter. Kafei Arouma likes … Continue reading

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Read my short story, “I am Mercy” at The Shine Journal.  A dirge about the inevitable, death-bed deals, and bubblegum flavored morphine. Enjoy!

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